Life and death situations require emergency readiness and unmatched reliability. Merlin Power’s power system solutions are purpose-built to ensure that these demands are met, and that power is always available, no matter when or wherever it’s required. Whether it’s police, surveillance, ambulance, fire, or coastguard, emergency response teams depend on their expertise and life-saving equipment, and this is where our power management solutions become invaluable:

• Ambulance crews rely on heart monitors and defibrillators.

• Firefighters depend on engine lights to illuminate fire scenes + power pumps
to provide water.

• Police officers utilise GPS and radio communication systems.

With a growing array of electronic equipment available for first responders,
effective power management for vehicles is indispensable. Whatever your requirements, Merlin Power’s product range is carefully curated so that you can reliably generate, store, manage, convert, and distribute power to save lives and keep our streets safe.