What is a deep-cycle battery?

A deep cycle battery is a type of lead-acid battery designed to provide a steady amount of power over an extended period, making it well-suited for applications that require prolonged and consistent energy delivery. Unlike regular car batteries that deliver a surge of power for starting an engine (called "cranking" or "starting batteries"), deep cycle batteries are designed to be discharged and recharged repeatedly without losing their capacity.

What applications can a DC series battery be used for?

DC Series batteries are indispensable in various sectors. The thick-plate, deep-cycle batteries are suitable as an auxiliary battery on a vehicle, a domestic battery bank, or for as a store of renewable energy for an off-grid power supply. They also support commercial trucking, vehicle fleets, and serve as emergency backup for critical systems.

What makes Fullriver’s DC series better than other DC batteries?

The Fullriver DC Series showcases proprietary technology with a distinctive paste formula and cast-grid design, elevating their performance beyond industry standards. Additionally, the DC Series incorporates heavier plates composed of 99.994% pure lead, resulting in exceptional reserve capacity and unmatched longevity among AGM batteries in today’s market. The inclusion of over-the-partition welds further fortifies its durability against shocks and vibrations in challenging environments. Additionally, the use of premium brass terminals not only ensures worry-free charging and discharging but also offers high conductivity and superior corrosion resistance, solidifying its position as a top-tier battery choice.