What kind of battery is an EGL battery and what can they be used for?

The EGL Series is a collection of EV (electric vehicle) batteries. These batteries power a wide range of different utility and leisure EVs (golf carts, airport vehicles, hotel baggage trollies), meaning they are used in a variety of different sectors. Most commonly these include airports, museums, construction sites and golf courses.

What makes Fullriver’s EGL series better than other EV batteries?

The Fullriver EGL Series showcases proprietary technology with a distinctive paste formula and grid design, elevating their performance beyond industry standards. Additionally, the EGL Series incorporates heavier plates composed of 99.994% pure lead, resulting in exceptional reserve capacity and unmatched longevity among AGM batteries available today. The inclusion of over-the-partition welds further fortifies its durability against shocks and vibrations in challenging environments. Additionally, the EGL Series versatility shines through its M8 terminals, enabling direct connection of ring terminals or utilization of SAE brass terminals for added adaptability. Moreover, the incorporation of next-gen valves featuring recombinant technology significantly reduces electrolyte loss, shortens charging duration, and enhances cycle life, solidifying its position as a top-tier battery choice.

Are EGL Series batteries an alternative to lithium?

We, as battery experts, certainly think so! With an increased lifespan, faster charging, zero maintenance, and deep discharge capacity, Fullriver’s EGL series batteries offer many of the benefits that lithium batteries do, whilst being up to 99% recyclable. Further supporting the case for Fullriver’s EGL Series batteries, they cost ~35-45% less than lithium batteries of comparable quality, while offering ~1,000 cycles at 100% DOD.