What kind of battery is a full-throttle battery?

The FT Series batteries are the ultimate high-cranking battery, perfect for use as a starting battery due to their ability to provide large volumes of energy in a short space of time. Where deep cycle batteries use thick plates, which can take longer to charge, the FT Series uses TPPL (Thin-Plate, Pure Lead) plates in their batteries, increasing the internal surface area of the battery, and thus allowing large amounts of current to flow out of the battery easily meaning they can provide the initial surge required to start a vehicle’s engine.

What applications can an FT series battery be used for?

FT series batteries are the go-to high-cranking battery option. They are the ideal battery for running bow thrusters and for starting engines. This positions them as the perfect install within marine vessels, commercial truck fleets, agricultural machinery, and in off-road vehicles and RVs. Full Throttle batteries serve as reliable energy sources in a variety of power-hungry applications.

What makes Fullriver’s FT series better than other dual-purpose batteries?

The Fullriver FT Series showcases proprietary technology with a distinctive paste formula and grid design, elevating their performance beyond industry standards. Additionally, the FT Series batteries harness the power of TPPL (Thin Plate Pure Lead) Technology, utilizing 99.994% pure virgin lead. This cutting-edge approach allows for more plates within a given space, leading to heightened power and an extended battery life compared to traditional designs. The inclusion of over-the-partition busbar welds further fortifies its durability against shocks and vibrations in extreme and challenging environments. Further, Fullriver’s use of premium brass terminals not only ensures worry-free charging and discharging, but also offers high conductivity and superior corrosion resistance, solidifying its position as a top-tier battery choice.