“Power and Energy is not only the greatest enabler of the War Fighter. It is also the most significant limitation”
TARDEC – Tank Automotive Research Development & Engineering Centre, US Army

 Merlin Power develops and manufactures leading-edge power solutions for military platforms. As the owners of the World’s most accurate battery monitoring systems, we KNOW batteries. This allows us to understand at a granular level their operation, charging, life-span and how to integrate them as a mission-critical item. Whether you need to provide extended silent watch, high power for radio, radar and ECM systems or ensure long-term readiness for fleets, we have over 30 years of experience with fielded, battle-proven systems. We are experts in batteries, power management, power monitoring, generation, conversion and turn-key installed systems.

Proven in use on an international programme of recognition, Merlin Systems are fitted across the US Army ABCT (Armoured Brigade Combat Team)  Abrams, Bradley, AMPV and Stryker fleets.

If you need to power your project and achieve success on time and on budget, Merlin Power is the choice for you.