Whether it’s a short weekend getaway or a full-time lifestyle, Merlin Power’s off-grid power products provide the ideal solution so that you can enjoy your time on the road.

Want to keep cool or cosy up? We’ve got you covered. Adhering to quiet hours at camping grounds involves shutting down your generator, even during the warmest summer nights and coldest winter evenings. Merlin Power’s battery monitors offer precise battery insights, enabling informed and fuel-efficient management of your generator(s). Run the air conditioning without running the engine and be assured that your RV or campervan will start up smoothly in the morning saving you that dreaded hassle of dealing with a flat battery.

Never wake up to a flat battery again! It’s easily done but, something as simple as leaving a bathroom light on could lead to a drained starter battery. Avoid dead batteries by utilising Merlin Power’s flat battery protection, which not only prevents your batteries from ever running flat but also preserves battery health for extended lifespan and more reliable performance.

Big on on-board entertainment? Our product range ensures consistent power for phone charging, gaming devices, televisions, DVD players, and laptops.

Maximise your fuel efficiency! Understand the optimal times to activate generators and when they can be left inactive - with efficient split charging of batteries, power is directed to where it's most needed, reducing the runtime of generators, reducing your fuel consumption, and saving you money.