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Merlin OneBox 75 - Combination Split Charge Device


Designed to address all issues encountered by vehicle OEMs during integration of electrics on vehicles that employ Euro 6/7 technologies, OneBox 75 is a complete power management system that incorporates:

- DC-DC Charging (100A rated)
- Charging and use of auxiliary batteries
- Up to 350A charging
- Emergency parallel
- Remote battery switching & flat battery protection
- Multiple inputs and outputs
- CANbus interface

All in one box.

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With over 25 years of split charging experience, Merlin designed OneBox 75 to incorporate an industrial grade DC-DC converter to provide charging to high capacity and advanced lead-acid open, gel, AGM, and lithium-ion batteries. By incorporating a conventional parallel contactor (that operates only when the alternator is in full power mode), OneBox 75 can deliver up to 350A of charge for rapid recharging and allows emergency jump-starting in the event of chassis battery failure.

Using advanced power management techniques, OneBox 75 monitors:
- status of the engine battery,
- charging and load requirements of the auxiliary battery,
- performance of it's internal DC-DC converter,
to continuously deliver the maximum possible charge output without compromising vehicle or unit reliability.





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