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Omnicharge 12-60 2 Output


Designed specifically for the most challenging applications, the Omnicharge 12-60 2 Output is robustly designed using the highest quality components for maximum efficiency, ultimate reliability, and best battery charging performance.

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Combining the latest technologies and the best available parts with years of power electronics design expertise, the Merlin Extreme Duty Battery Chargers will deliver long life performance even in the most demanding applications. Utilizing high efficiency converter technology, will reduce running costs and guarantees a maximum charge current per AC Watt.

A unique new feature of the Merlin Extreme Duty Battery Chargers range is the autonomous battery output setup. All outputs are not only isolated from each other, but these are also individually programmable. This enables the possibility to charge a combination of different battery types and sizes by a single battery charger.

All Merlin Extreme Duty Battery Chargers models are equipped with advanced temperature compensated charge programs, with or without a float stage. Standard available are AGM, GEL, Flooded and Lithium charge programs. Each charge program can also be modified to different voltage and current levels in case the connected battery has special requirements. Also available is a ‘Night Mode’, which prevents the fans from spinning when absolute silence is desired.

All Merlin Extreme Duty Battery Charger units are easy to install and come standard with temperature sensor and a very clear installation and operating instruction manual.




Error codes and what they mean:

E01 AC Input Voltage too low.

E02 AC input voltage too high.

E03 Battery connected to the charger with incorrect polarity.

E04 Charger runs too hot.

E06 BTS measures too hot.

E07 BTS measures too low.

E08 DC output fuse blown due to incorrect polarity.

E09 Voltage of connected battery is too high.