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PowerBank CPU 12/24V


The PowerBank CPU 12/24V is a fully programmable, installer-configurable control system that combines virtually all parts of a battery management system into a single device. PowerBank combines Split Charging for up to 4 battery banks, manual & remote battery isolation, Flat Battery Protection for up to 4 battery banks, high and/or low battery voltage alarms, remote indication of any and/or all of those functions and remote control.

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- Split Charging
PowerBank combines the power of three SmartBank Pro units (to provide split charging of up to 4 separate battery banks).

All parameters such as connect and disconnect voltages, connect and hold delays etc are individually adjustable for each battery bank. Charging order can be managed to ensure that certain batteries are charged in priority.

Full Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) is used to drive the contactors giving power savings and extended contactor life. Split Charging can also be configured to reset Flat Battery Protection.

- Flat Battery Protection
4x independent Flat Battery Protection systems operating in a similar manner to PowerGuard Pro.

These utilise high power latching contactors so that there is zero current drain when either connected or disconnected power is only used for the brief instant when the relay changes state. Each can operate on one of two different principles.

The first is a simple, single, low voltage threshold and timer. The second uses a low voltage threshold and a more complex timer that counts up and down to completely eliminate PowerBank being fooled by intermittent high-power loads such as tail lifts, windlasses etc.. All voltage thresholds and timers are user configurable.

- Analogue/Digital Inputs & Alarms
PowerBank features numerous virtual (or software driven) alarms that may be used to activate internal PowerBank controls or one of the analogue outputs. There are 8x inputs & outputs on PowerBank. These can be used for generator start/stop, external alarms, load shedding etc.

- MerlinNet
PowerBank is fully MerlinNet enabled (and acts as the MerlinNet system hub) allowing you to build customised systems to suit specific applications.

- PowerBank Remote Panel
PowerBank is available with an LED or LCD remote panel. The panel automatically determines how many batteries and which MerlinNet components are connected and automatically configures itself accordingly (for example if only two batteries are connected, it will scroll between batteries 1 and 2 only (3 & 4 are automatically removed from view).

- How to buy PowerBank?
Due to its customisable nature, PowerBank is supplied in modular form. This allows you to build up a kit of suitable parts.

First, select the PowerBank model you require (PowerBank or PowerBank COMBI), the battery isolator/flat battery contactors, split charging contactors, expansion module(s), remote panels and programming kit.

Merlin Engineers will be pleased to work alongside you to select the most appropriate system for your installation.





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