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Powersine Combi 3500-24-70


The Powersine Combi 3500-24-70 is designed for critical use applications where absolute reliability and outstanding performance is required to ensure mission success.

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Providing a pure-sinewave output with <5% THO with robust output electronics means that this unit may be safely used with the most sensitive of electrical loads, yet also be able to handle high inrush current for inductive items. This unit is perfect for off-grid, paramedic, out-side broadcast, surveillance and emergency back-up power applications.

The internal charger uses the same principles as our Extreme Duty Battery Chargers to ensure maximum life and performance from both lead-acid and lithium-ion battery technologies.

These units also features PowerBoost mode which allows the unit to assist low power generators and shore-supplies to run electrical loads. It works like this:

Say, a lkW generator is plugged into your vehicle. You are running a computer from your AC ring main and the Merlin Combi is in charger mode. Because the powerful charger in the Merlin Combi is too large for the generator, the unit has derated the charger so that it pulls less current and prevents overload. You then switch on 1500w power tool. Instantaneously, the Merlin Combi stops charging, switches to invert mode, and parallels with the incoming generator power. 1000w comes from the generator, 500w from the inverter. When the power tool is switched off, the Merlin Combi reverts back to charge mode and replenishes the battery. All the time your computer worked seamlessly and didn't receive fluctuating power.




Red led on panel blinks;

One flash in a row – Battery related. High/low voltage, high/low temperature, high DC ripple.

Two flashes in a row – AC overload, AC short circuit.

Three flashes in a row – High Temperature Shut down.

Four flashes in a row – Device internal error.

Five flashes in a row – Charge program error.


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