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SmartBank Advanced - Full Kit - 2 Battery 24V


The SmartBank 2 Battery 24V Advanced - Full Kit combines the power of our SmartGauge Battery Monitor and SmartBank split charging technology, with the SmartGauge understanding how your batteries are working, it continuously tunes settings to ensure the best split charge performance as batteries and charge systems age.

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As well as ensuring top charging performance, SmartBank Advanced displays battery voltage and state of charge information to allow users to get the most from the batteries without excessive discharge. The SmartGauge acts as a battery monitor, split charge remote control, and programming interface. Please see the SmartGauge datasheet for further info.

SmartBank Advanced is available as either a full system or as an upgrade kit. The upgrade kit is designed for existing owners of SmartGauge and includes split charging hardware (contactors), control box, and interface cable. The Full System includes the SmartGauge, split charging hardware (contactors), control box, and interface cable.




Error codes and what they mean:

E11 Smartbank has attempted to operate the split charge relay but is
measuring different voltages in the 2 batteries. This indicates split charging
is not taking place. Measure

the voltage of B1 and B2 at the CPU and contactor – these should be the same as
Battery 1 and Battery 2. Measure the voltage of C1 and C2 at the CPU and
contactor – briefly

12V dropping to approx. 6.5V. Test your wiring between the batteries, CPU and
Smartgauge. Test the contactor by applying 12V to the C1 & C2 connections.

Report your findings to Merlin Technical Department who will advise you on your
next steps (


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