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SmartGauge 12/24V OEM CPU


Combatting the problems commonly associated with conventional amp-hour based battery monitors, SmartGauge�12/24V OEM CPU is renowned as the World's most accurate battery monitor, as well as the easiest to install and use.

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SmartGauge overcomes all the problems and disadvantages commonly associated with conventional amp-hour based battery monitors. These include:
- loss of synchronisation,
- display inaccuracy,
- requirement of regular resetting,
- complex and time consuming installation,
- the requirement that the user has to have an understanding of batteries.

Once users understand the level of power left in their battery they can answer highly useful questions like "are the batteries charged yet?", "when should I start the engine/generator?", "is there enough power to run that piece of equipment?"- if operators of vehicles/ equipment not normally versed in the way of batteries can answer those questions, you can improve reliability & efficiency of your fleet by ensuring that batteries are properly cared for.

As well as being a battery monitor, SmartGauge doubles as a remote display and control panel for split charging. Interfacing with SmartBank Advanced or SmartBank PRO is easy - plug in and SmartGauge will self configure the split charging system (settings can be manually over-ridden if required). When interfaced with these units, SmartGauge displays split charging status. See SmartBank Advanced datasheet for more information.




Error codes and what they mean:

E01 Power was

lost and reapplied. This error code is purely informational. The display will
give a time up to 100 hours of how long power has been reapplied. Any button
press will clear.

E02 Battery Voltage has been below the acceptable level for
battery type (different levels for different types) - this can be disabled in
settings. Check your voltage reading. If it error persists, further
investigation of the battery and current drains is recommended.

E03 Battery Voltage has

been above the acceptable level for battery type (different levels for

types) – this can be disabled in settings as it can be triggered by high
voltage on the charger. Check your voltage reading. If persistently indicating,
investigate your battery and charging sources.

E04 Battery Voltage has exceeded the measurement range of
Smartgauge (9-17V for 12V mode,

and 18-34V for 24V mode). The error is accompanied by LO or HI message. Check
your battery, current

drains, and charging sources.



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