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Combi Inverter/Charger 1000w/40A 12V


The Merlin Combi Inverter/Charger 1000w/40A 12V incorporates an advanced DC to AC inverter, 4 stage adaptive smart battery charger, and super-fast changeover switch into a single, compact unit.

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By combining inverter & charger functions plus automatic switching, a Merlin Inverter/ Charger simplifies installation and cabling while saving considerable weight and cost.

When mains power (from hook up or generator) is available, the unit will rapidly and safely charge your batteries. At the same time, it passes power through to the onboard AC system. As soon as the plug is pulled, the unit switches over instantly to provide inverter power around your electrical systems to keep the onboard appliances running. Typical transfer time is ~30m/s, which is fast enough to keep audio/visual equipment running, clocks going on appliances, and will keep a computer up and running.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you compare like for- like with inverter/ charger specifications-almost all other manufacturers quote 30 minute cold ratings. With Merlin, our ratings are for continuous output power to ensure that you specify the correct unit first time.




Error codes and what they mean:

E01 The unit has sensed input under the prescribed voltage and has shut
down. Check the battery voltage and recharge the battery if it is below 12V. If
the voltage is above 12V, check the DC wiring and the fuse.

E02 The unit has sensed input over the prescribed voltage and has shut
down. Check the battery voltage and charging sources, shutdown occurs at 15.5V.

E03 The unit output has sensed an overload or short circuit and has shut
down. Disconnect all AC equipment. Eliminate any faulty AC equipment by testing
it individually.

E04 The unit has sensed that the internal temperature was high and it has
shut down. Switch off the inverter to allow it to cool down (for a minimum of
15 minutes). Check the airflow of the unit.