What makes Fullriver batteries better than other batteries?

Fullriver has complete control over the manufacturing process, from grid casting to final assembly, ensuring strict adherence to design specifications for all their batteries. This meticulous oversight ensures the highest quality of critical details such as construction, plate chemistry, and craftsmanship, enhancing longevity in demanding applications. The DC series utilizes heavier plates and increased lead content to maximize reserve capacity and life cycles, reflecting Fullriver's commitment to consistent quality throughout production.

How long does a Fullriver AGM battery last?

The life of a Fullriver battery can vary based on the series they are a part of, for instance the DC series battery is designed for a 10-year lifespan, however this can change based on various different factors. These factors include usage patterns, charging methods, PsoC (Partial State of Charge) time, environmental conditions and whether the correct battery is being used for the specific application. If you would like to find out more about this topic please check out this article published by Fullriver Battery.

Who makes Fullriver Batteries?

Fullriver Batteries are manufactured by a company called Fullriver Battery. Unlike many battery producers, Fullriver Battery controls the entire manufacturing process. The award-winning manufacturing facility oversees grid casting, plate pasting, and final assembly, ensuring comprehensive quality control. Fullriver Battery has earned numerous quality assurance certifications, including ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001, UL, CE, and TUV for their production systems. As well A wide range of 2, 6, 8, and 12-volt batteries, available in all BCI, DIN, and other international sizes, are produced at their manufacturing facilities.

What is the warranty on Fullriver batteries?

Here at Merlin Power we offer a full 5-year warranty for the Fullriver DC Series and the Fullriver EGL Series batteries, and for the Fullriver FT Series batteries we offer a full 4-year warranty. This warranty is market-leading, that’s how confident we are about the quality Fullriver batteries provide. Full information about our warranty can be found here.

What is the difference between a DeepCycle Battery and a Dual Purpose Battery?

Deep Cycle Batteries such as the Fullriver DC or EGL Series are engineered to power electrical devices continuously until they are discharged to low voltages, after which they can be recharged. Their design is centred around this repetitive cycle of discharge and recharge. While they can reliably kick-start an engine it is not their primary purpose, and their cost might not always justify their use for this function.

Dual-purpose batteries like the Fullriver FT series on the other hand offer a blend of capabilities. They possess a strong capacity for engine starting while featuring a specialised grid design (Thin-Plate, Pure Lead) that enables some cycling abilities. In applications like marine settings, these batteries shine as they not only initiate engine ignition but also provide additional capacity to sustain instruments, particularly during short periods when the engine is off. However, for activities requiring consistent cycling like mobility applications, they won't offer the extended lifespan of a true deep-cycle battery.

Which Fullriver battery is right for me?

Give us a call on 01202697979 or email sales@merlin-power.com for help to find the best battery choice for your specific application. Merlin Power’s 35+ years of industry experience means that we really know what we’re talking about!

Alternatively, you can also make use of Fullriver’s very own ‘Battery Finder’ by clicking here.

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